Buy A Waterbike!

All Hydrobikes are reconditioned. Please call 562-234-7150 for more information!


  • The exceptional quality of Hydrobikes is evident in every feature. They are geared for high-peformance and low maintenance. You will be amazed at how little effort it takes to pedal on a lake, river, or ocean with this water bike.
  • From its stability to its high visibility on the water, the Hydrobike is engineered for a safe, reliable ride.
  • The Hydro-bike’s pontoons were scientifically developed by a professional canoe designer for optimum buoyancy, speed, and maneuverability. That means you will have a smooth ride even in very choppy water.
  • Stable enough to dive from, the Hydro-bike can also handle rough water conditions, including five foot ocean swells.
  • Fits in most mini-vans and SUV’s. One person can assemble and disassemble the Hydrobike in minutes, with out any tools.


  • Fast performance: This is no slow paddle boat. The Hydrobike’s computer-designed propulsion system features a 90% efficient propeller which allows you to achieve cruise speeds of 4-6 mph with minimum effort.
  • High-performance: The lower drive train is sealed water-tight, providing protection even in salty seawater. The chain uses environmentally friendly lubricants.
  • Quite performance: The Hydro-bike is engineered for silence. It won’t disturb wildlife habitats- or fishing holes.


Width (hull to hull) 42 inches
Width (outside) 55 inches
Weight 125 lbs.
(rider & cargo)
400 lbs.
Length 10 feet
Height 53 Inches
Gear Ratio 8.6:1
Propeller Diameter 12 inches
Propeller Draft
(200 lbs. rider)
18 inches
Hull Draft 9 inches
Hull Seamless,
Frame 17 in. Powder-
Steering Front Rudder
Adjustments Quick-Release